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Worksheets on Subject and Verb Agreement for Grade 4

2 August 2023 No Comment

Subject-verb agreement is an essential grammatical concept that students typically learn in grade 4. It refers to the agreement between the subject and verb of a sentence. When a sentence has a singular subject, the verb should also be singular, and when the sentence has a plural subject, the verb should be plural as well. Ensuring that students grasp this concept requires a lot of practice and repetition.

Worksheets are an effective way of reinforcing subject-verb agreement in grade 4 students. Here are some worksheets on subject-verb agreement that you can use to help your students improve their grammar skills:

1. Fill in the blank worksheets: These worksheets require students to fill in the blank spaces in a sentence with the correct form of the verb. They are generally simple sentences that use either the present tense or the past tense.

Example: My friends ___________ playing basketball every day. (Singular form of the verb: plays or plural form of the verb: play?)

2. Identify the subject and verb worksheets: These worksheets have sentences with underlined verbs and ask students to identify the subject and verb. This helps them understand how the two parts of the sentence work together.

Example: The dog barks loudly at the mailman. (Subject: The dog, Verb: barks)

3. Matching worksheets: These worksheets have columns of singular and plural nouns, and the students have to match the correct verb form with the noun.

Example: Dogs, tree, and cat ___________ outside. (Singular form of the verb: is or plural form of the verb: are?)

4. Correcting mistakes worksheets: These worksheets have sentences with mistakes in subject-verb agreement, and the students must identify and correct the mistake.

Example: My brother and I is going to the store. (Correction: My brother and I are going to the store.)

5. Multiple choice worksheets: These worksheets provide multiple choices of verb forms, and students must choose the correct one to complete the sentence.

Example: The birds _________ on the trees. (Singular form of the verb: sits, plural form of the verb: sit, past tense form of the verb: sat?)

Remember, learning subject-verb agreement is a process that requires a lot of repetition and practice. These worksheets can be used as a tool to reinforce this concept and help students become confident in their grammar skills.


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